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Brian Crane.

    I have always admired Brian as a talented singer songwriter and have been proud to be associated with him over many years, through his recordings, his albums, his CDs and more recently his download releases.

    When Brian's first book 'Beneath The Fickle Moon' was published in 2014 I came to appreciate even more the extent of his talents.

    However, with his second book 'The Ballad Of Jessie Gray and other stories' I not only had an increased respect for his abilities but I also felt very humbled by his gift for such inspired and incisive writing.

    With his subsequent books  'Betrayal Of The Trinity Knot' ' 'House Of Penitents and other stories' and  ''Odyssey Of A Quiet Man' I can quite honestly say that in each case I found  it very difficult to put each down once I had become engrossed in the plots and that is an admission from someone who is most definitely not an avid reader.

    In fact I can go as far as to say that Brian's books have opened up in me a joy in reading that has been sadly absent since the days of my youth. 

    With his new book ''The Templars Silver Seal'  the reader was once again reunited with the characters Brian developed in two of his previous 'The Ballad Of Jessie Gray' and 'Betrayal Of The Trinity Knot.'

    I am now looking forward with great anticipation to his next book 'Voices From The Wasteland and other stories' which will be published in 2022. And as I have already been given the privilege of reading the drafts of two of the stories in it  I cannot recommend Brian's work too highly. 

Marianne Forbes.

SBS Records and Publishing.

March 2021.

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All titles of Brian's books are available through Amazon, iTunes and Xlibris Publishing 

 All of Brian's currently available albums are on CD or Download through Amazon or iTunes. 


Three compilation CDs on  the Cherry Red Record Label

                 that feature tracks from Paper Bubble

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