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THE BALLAD OF JESSIE GRAY and other stories.

ISBN 978-1-5245-9737-5

Playing For Laughs.....focuses on one person who like so many in the entertainment business who fail to realize their dreams.

The Last Page.....attempts to show how the subsequent consequences of grief can affect a person.

From Whence I Came.....allows a man to sift through the memories of an experience created over 40 years before and to examine the impact on his life.

Dust On The Shelf.....sees a woman's struggle with impending spinsterhood and the demons she has been harbouring since childhood.

A Minor Deception.....asks the question, what is the affect on a hard working father when he comes to terms with the ramifications of his single mindedness.

The Corner Shop.....seems to have been there forever, but what secrets lie behind the new proprietor.

The Ballad Of Jessie Gray.....anonymously jotted down on a scrap of paper in 1859 that starts a search an astonishing search.


HOUSE OF PENITENCE and other stories.

ISBN 978-1-9845-8928-6

Deja Vu.....focuses on someone in the entertainment

business who finds himself confronted by the ghosts of his past.

Digging The Dirt.....sees one woman facing up to  those who choose to be the self appointed moral vigilantes in the community.

A Moment Of Grace.....a long awaited fiftieth wedding anniversary, that when it finally arrives has sad undertones.

Just A Passing a man's self analysis of

his own conscience when he succumbs to the temptation that the dull life that he leads has been craving for.

House Of Penitence.....through an extraordinary experience when a man finds he has stepped beyond his own mortality, to be confronted by a disturbing insight into himself and the effect that this has on his future.

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ISBN 978-1-6641-1549-

The 'Silver Seal' is a story set just weeks before the outbreak of WW2 but which has its roots in the historical Holy Crusades of some nine hundred years before. It is a story of one man's chance encounters in a series of  incidents that would have led to serious consequences at a time when the security of this country was at its most vulnerable.

However, within the story is also a journey, albeit over a short period of time of one man in search of his own conscience through the events in his life and their affect 

And so like any good story the beginning rarely allows the reader any insight into the conclusion is likely to be and so it was for the main character  of this story.



   Someone once said "Where there is life there is hope."

   And so it was for Jasper, a border collie, existing a life of purgatory at the hands of a drunken, embittered master.

   Jasper could only wait for an opportunity to escape.

   But when that opportunity comes does he take it?

   The twelve storypoems/chapters of "Beneath The Fickle Moon" follows the life of Jasper. Learning to trust when trust had meant a cruel beangstiofwhilst tied to a rusty chain. Seeing his life and the world pass by without the chance to be a part of it. But always with a small glimmer of hope to carry him through each day.

      And within all this the meetings, the partings, the highs, the lows that punctuate every day life. And the life of Jasper.




ISBN 978-1-5434-9030-5

Set in 1938 the story follows on chronologically from 'The

Ballad Of Jessie Gray' and is very much in the spirit of John Buchan and Arthur Conan Doyle.

It is a story that gives a unique insight into the threats of

conspiracy and subterfuge by foreign agents in the years before the outbreak of the second world war. So what began as a relaxing break for the storyteller ended up by him being told that what he had seen and experienced should not be told as it was 'not in the national interest.'

And irrevocably linked within these events is the betrayal of the sacred meaning behind a mysterious Celtic symbol.

But now after more than seventy years, the previously undisclosed truth about this small piece of hidden history has been unearthed in a manuscript concealed away in an old wooden chest. Even so, it is more than certain that the official records will still be gathering dust in some secret government vault.


ISBN 978-1-9845-9503-4

'Odyssey is the story, told over two generations of an insignificant 'quirt man' who was totally unprepared for the world that he was born into. But somehow he managed to rise above the adversities brought about by his innate private and dispassionate nature and also the inadequacies of his physical stature. 

It is also a story of consequences, of a 'quiet man' falling victim of his own honourable disposition and then through no fault of his own being drawn into the dark pit of retribution in his search for spiritual atonement. 

One story in two parts, that spans the periods of the late Victorian and to the dawn of the new Elizabethan.


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