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Old Town represents the most recent release of Brians music. Written, performed and recorded in his own studio and released in 2012. The title track being a homage to his home town Shrewsbury.

  "Nestled in the horseshoe,

   Of a winding rivers course.

   Standing proud upon a hill,

   Is the old town of my youth."

Originally released on CD it is now available to download from Amazon and iTunes

Working with members of his band Stillbreeze this album is as near to a live studio recording as you can get. Recorded in June 1985 at RPM Studios in Birmingham.

 "Watching the misty rain,

   Packing my life into an overnight suitcase,

   Slipping away in the silence before the dawn."

Originally released on Cassette and CD it is now available for download on Amazon and iTunes

Some Things Seem So Right was recorded in 1984 at Zella Stodios in Birmingham and illustrates the extensive original material Brian and Stillbreeze performed.

  "There's no use in denying,

   We all must learn to try.

   And understand the answer lies,

   In no deviding lines."

Originally released on vinyl, cassette and CD it is now available for download on Amazon and iTunes


Produced between March and June 1981 and recorded at Zella Studios in Birmingham this album saw the formation of  Stillbreeze.

  "The moment you're born you're on your own,

    Only fate can deal the cards that you hold.

    And pressed in between,

    Each of mans disgarded dreams,

    Is the reason why I'm coming home"

Originally released on vinyl, cassette and CD it is now available for download on Amazon and iTunes.

Produced by Dave Cousins and Tony Hooper of the Strawbs and released in 1970 this was the first album Brian recorded as part of a songwriting partnership with Terry Brake as Paper Bubble.

  "Hold me closer than the wind holds the trees,

    Fill my lungs with your breathe so I may breathe.

    Show me the sun as it appears in your eyes,

    I'd match the blue in them with any summer skies."

Originally recorded on vinyl for Deram Records it is now  available

on CD from RPM Retrodisc Records/Cherry Red Records. Also on download from Amazon and iTunes.

The Complete Paper Bubble, released 2018, a 2 CD set that comprises of a a new digital remix of the 1970 'Scenery' album and the previously unreleased 'Prisoners, Victims, Strangers Friends,' album recorded in the same year.

It also includes Terry and Brian's collaboration on the single 'Woman/Loving You' from 1980 and the album 'Coming Home'  from 1981, plus newly mixed versions of a number of the original tracks. 40 in all.

This collection is a small piece of popular music history with the original vinyl copies exchanging hands at well over £1oo+ by enthusiasts.

All the albums are available either on CD or on           download through Amazon and iTunes
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